Saturday, January 17, 2009

Would You Pay $1100 For The Lasting Pleasure Of Dropping One Tonne Of HorseShit At The Gates Of NSW Parliament?

Fines are supposed to discourage people from not breaking the law. There are many in NSW who must think only being fined $1100 for unlawfully depositing horse shit in front of State Parliament is a a pretty good deal :
When Leonard Devine dumped a tonne of horse manure at Parliament House's Macquarie Street gates, you could not mistake his message.

To be sure he planted a placard in it, saying: "CORPORATE GOVT - JUST STINKS".

Another of his placards read: "Police, firemen, nurses, teachers, ambos, paramedics all underpaid, not politicians."

Devine was fined $1100 yesterday for unlawfully depositing waste, but the unrepentant ex-roof tiler told Downing Centre Local Court: "I don't really think I've done anything wrong."

The court heard on August 28 last year, Devine stopped his tipper truck on Macquarie St, outside State Parliament, dumped a tonne of horse manure on the footpath and was arrested.

Why did he do it? Simple. He "couldn't take it anymore."