Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Do Not Seek To Control The Media....Except When We Do

Israel's ambassador to Australia, Yuval Rotem, January 16 :
"In the same way that the Israeli Government does not seek to control the media in Israel, it does not seek to control the media in Australia."
Yuval Rotem, January 30 :
"...can you turn that camera off please..."

Interesting. It appears the Israeli ambassador tells his small Jewish audience one thing - expect an attack on Iran in a month - when he thinks the media isn't listening, and then tells ABC News something else when it's clear his comments have been caught on camera.

Does the Rudd government back attacks by Israel on Iran? Or will it clam up and go into hiding, as it did when Israel slaughtered hundreds of women and children in Gaza?

No-one in the Australian media ever bothers to explain what Russia, now a close ally and mega-billion dollar business partner of Iran, will do in the event of Israel attacking Iran. Russia has already made it clear, to Israel's government, and Israel-allied governments around the world (including Australia) that an attack on Iran will be viewed as an attack on Russia. And then there's China...