Friday, January 16, 2009

Non-Terrorist Petrol Bombs

In the WTF? story of the month :

Two backpackers claimed that they had been unwittingly caught up in a 100km police chase last night, in a van crammed with petrol bombs and fuel drums.

Last night police were trying to determine if the male and female backpackers were unsuspecting tourists or willing accomplices.

The three were cuffed, with the driver pinned face-down on the driveway for 30 minutes, before they were taken away in separate police vehicles.

Witnesses reported more than a dozen police cars were involved in the arrest, while PolAir flew overhead. Service station franchisee Praveen Singh was shocked by the number of police.

"I've never seen that many police any time we have had an armed robbery," he said.

He told The Daily Telegraph police vehicles had screeched in and surrounded the van before police detained the three people, all aged in their early 20s.

"The van had bottles with rags coming out, molotov cocktails, some computer equipment, paperwork, like files, some fuel drums and hoses like you would use for siphoning," Mr Singh said.

"The 44-gallon drums were at least half full of fuel because the cops couldn't move them."

A police spokesman said the incident did not appear to be terrorism related.

Investigations continued last night but no charges had been laid.

A van filled with petrol bombs and fuel involved in a 100km long police chase and no charges have been laid?

What's wrong with this story?

If it's all true, the backpackers must have absolutely shit themselves when the van was surrounded by police. But then, when you look at a photograph of the van, you'd imagine it would be impossible not to know, by the smell alone, that the van was crammed with fuel in containers and drums.

Was something terrible supposed to have happened that thankfully did not?