Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rupert Murdoch's Mum Goes Where Her Son's Newspapers Fear To Tred

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch says what The Australian newspaper's most glorified columnists still refuse to fully acknowledge, in print :
"I could never quite forgive (John) Howard for insisting on going on and destroying the party and himself"
No doubt during one of her weekly hour or so long calls with her son, Liz expressed her dislike of Howard, probably around the time the Daily Telegraph and other Murdoch papers began an Obama-media like campaign hailing Kevin Rudd as the new leader of Australia.

Liz also reveals that delicate Rupert can't stand the lack of central heating in her old house.

"They get soft," she says in reference to her aubergine-haired son.

Complaining about his mum's places not having central heating isn't the sort of behaviour you'd expect from a climate change alarmist like Rupert.

This interesting Murdoch-related note, considering the past three weeks of Israel's civilian slaughter in Gaza, taken from the new Murdoch worshipping biography, The Man Who Owns The News (already being given away with Crikey subscriptions) :
When father Murdoch attacks the Palestinians, (his son) James says he’s “Talking fucking nonsense. … They were kicked out of their fucking homes and had nowhere to fucking live.”

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