Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inner Hoon Never Dies

It would be very interesting to know how many of these MidLife Crisis Hoons the Victorian Police now claim are now smoking their tyres in the streets never had a hoon-worthy car to hoon hard back when Cold Chisel and The Angels were still at the top of the charts.

...while the majority of hoon drivers are under 25, drivers between 40 to 60 years old are frequently flouting the law.

"That middle life crisis hoon is starting to emerge," he said.

"We have seen more than 150 of those in the 12 months. It is a bit confusing, to be perfectly honest, for the police to understand this. These are mature, sensible people, one would think, but they are putting themselves at risk and other road users at risk."

The inner hoon never dies, it just retreats, saying, 'Okay, you got this family thing for a couple of decades, so I'll leave alone. But I'll be back.'

I'll take a wild guess that a lot of these MiLCHers never actually had a hoonable car, in their youth, when you're supposed to get that kind of thing out of your system, and sometimes die doing it. But in their 40s, they finally had the money to buy that totally fangable car, with no need for child seats anymore, perhaps even something now vintage, the kind of car they'd once had posters of stuck to the walls of their teenaged bedrooms.

And, presumably, the purchase of that grunting car came shortly after the divorce.