Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adelaide Always Delivers

Adelaidians are sweltering through some good old fashioned Australian summer heat. But the grid can't handle all those air-cons and plasma TVs, they're getting blackouts. Adelaidians are not happy, and are complaining loudly about their discomfort, buckled trainlines and cancelled trams, at Adelaide Now. They get to have a bitch about the heat, everyone's sorta happy, still sweaty. But some locals want the complaining about the heat to stop, that Adelaidians harden the fuck up, take the heat, sweat like real men, and real women, and stop whining like...well, like Adelaidians :
you smally people. all acting like only Adelaide has problems. Perth & Melbourne have their fair share of trainline shutdowns when it gets hot... Stop whingeing and find something else to complain about

Posted by: Small minds of Adelaide
The interstaters invade the Adelaidians online space and deliver outright, downright mockery of South Australians plight :
You people in Adelaide have it so easy, think of all us poor Manly Ferry commuters here in Sydney who have to wait in a que to be served at the Cafe on the Ferry taking us across the harbour!

Posted by: Ron of Sydney - Life is tough on the ferry
Naturally, they don't like these interlopers, not one bit :
Backwater Fishbowl - dont they have papers in Melbourne ?? is there not enough bogans there that can read I assume

Posted by: Vic = bogan city of cant read or write
Do we have to put up with the idiots from the other villages having a spray? We've got enough of our own without the yarping from those in much cooler climes interstate.

Posted by: Peter of Northern Adelaide
There is a bit of confusion about whether some commenters are blaming the Rann government for the rail-buckling, blackout causing, tram-cancelling effects of extreme heat, or for the heat itself. Ant of Adelaide lays out the facts for the confused :
Government cant control the weather no matter who is in power.
The free water for commuters debate hots up :
Why should commuters get a free bottle of water at the expense of non-commuters? If people want water but your own bottle and don't expect us taxpayers to pay for it.

Posted by: Tony of Adelaide

Free water? So i should take my empty bottles to trans adelaide and fill up???

Posted by: Yarz of Ingle Farm
Car Driver of Adelaide commutes home in full gloat mode :
To all the bike riding hippies slagging car drivers - enjoy riding in the heat. To all the Public transport riding hippies, enjoy walking home. To all the "older economical car drivers" enjoy sitting on the side of the road with your radiators boiling. Ill just drive past in my fully imported leather clad 4WD with the airconditioner on low (it gets too cold otherwise) and cruise home without having to get held up by the rail crossings or busses. Pity its hot walking from the office to the car, You Beauty!
Adelaidians are easily distracted by other non-heat related news :
Did any notice the photo of a patient suffering from a heat related illness being wheeled into one of our hospitals, and a nurse walking past with a 'fag' in her person maybe fighting for her life.... and another one slowly killing herself.....It makes you think doesn;t it .. dusty
Posted by: Ken Rhodes of Magill.
Kevin Logfellow may or may not be doing some barrel work downstairs as he escapes the heat :
I am sleeping in the cellar and drinking my home brew to keep cool and lubricated. Please let me know when it is safe to come out.
Max of Redlands has weightier issues on his mind :
No matter how many times I read it I can not accept that "impact" is a verb.
I blame the incredible heat in Adelaide for this one :
The government said turn off to save money. ..and the transformer ended up on fire ..and the train tracks melted ..and birds started falling from the trees ..and koala's looked like drowned rats ..and the fish started to boil in the ocean ..and henny penny screamed, "The sky is falling!" I swear, it's ARMAGEDDON. Mike Rann..the third anti-christ perhaps???
John of Warradale casts an eye over the comments and reaches a sound conclusion :
I think the heat's buckled a few brains.