Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Rude Words, Please, This Is A Respectable Tabloid Website

Associate Editor for Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Tim Blair, notices the freedom of reader-generated, straight-shooting news and opinion over at the Pakistan Daily :

It doesn't get any more straight-shooting than that. Not even the Daily Telegraph can so boldly and clearly state an opinion in a headline.

Commenters at the Pakistan Daily
celebrate the freedom of non-corporate online news :
"Damn straight!! All Lefties are cunts!"

"Brilliant headline, this has to be the headline of the year."

"Loving it. Keep up the good work."
Unfortunately, Tim Blair's not allowed to have rude words at his corporate blogging digs, even from commenters :
Incidentally, naughty words will be ******* cut or edited, so don’t ******* use them. And editing the ******* things takes time, which causes delays...
Not like the old, independent days.

Blair can't use words like cunt, fucker, fuckhead or cockhammer, but at least for now he can still link to places that are allowed use those naughty, naughty words.