Friday, September 26, 2014

The Screaming Jets Plan To Record, Rush Release New Album For Mid-October

Dave Gleeson, 2011. Photo By Darryl Mason
 A few days after finishing shows for The Angels 40th anniversary, lead singer Dave Gleeson has rejoined his bandmates from The Screaming Jets in the recording studio to lay down a new album.

The plan, right now, is to record and rush release the new album, Atomic 47, in time for The Screaming Jets 25th anniversary national tour.

Most of the songs on the new Atomic 47 album are written by bassist Paul Woseen, with contributions from Gleeson, and Jets guitarist Jimi Hocking.

Gleeson has promised the new album will have a "classic" Jets sounds, something similar then to the band's debut 1991 album All For One and its 1992 follow-up Tear Of Thought, although only Gleeson and Woseen were in the band when those albums were recorded.

Gleeson has revealed one new song title so far, Smack In The Mouth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AC/DC's New Album 'Rock Or Bust' Out Late November, Malcolm Young Officially Retires

Angus Young, fan Mathew Nagra, Stevie Young, May 2014 via AC/

By Darryl Mason

UPDATE: A good source says this is the track list for AC/DC's new album 'Rock Or Bust':

1. Play Ball
2. Sign of The Times
3. Ain't The Way
4. Rock or Bust
5. Done Her Good
6. Steal My Meal
7. Watching Games
8. Cardhouse Blues
9. Bulletride
10. Rumble
11. Back in The Zone

Following up from stories posted here earlier this year, AC/DC has now confirmed that AC/DC founding member, key songwriter, rhythm guitarist and 'The Boss' has officially retired from the band due to illness. Malcolm Young is believed to have suffered a stroke late last year just before the band got back together to rehearse for a new album and found he could no longer play. Malcolm is believed to be in a care home at this time.

So, AC/DC's new album will be titled Rock Or Bust and released November 28.

The first single will be called Play Ball, and will be released/previewed this weekend.

Here's all the info Albert's and Sony has officially released on the album news:

* Rock Or Bust is AC/DC's first new album since 2008's eight million copy shifter Black Ice.

* The album will contain 11 new songs

* Rock Or Bust was recorded at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, in May, with producer Brendan O’Brien and mixer Mike Fraser.

* Malcolm Young doesn't feature on the album. Angus and Malcolm's cousin Stevie Young is now rhythm guitarist, and will tour with AC/DC for their 2015 'Rock Or Bust' world tour.

* Albert's: "Unfortunately, due to the nature of Malcolm's illness, he will not be re-joining the band."

Here's some unofficial news/rumours:

* Angus Young most or all of the songs.

* We may finally get to hear Angus Young playing some straight blues rock on 'Rock Or Bust,' and there may even be a small amount of his phenomenal jazz guitar playing. Certainly hope so.

* Angus Young may retire the school uniform. His hair's gone completely grey and he's said to be unwilling to dye it, or to act out the schoolboy character for this next tour.

* The 2015 'Rock Or Bust' tour may be a substantially smaller scale, and shorter, world tour than their 2008-2010 Black Ice world tour.

* This album, the band's 17th official album release, is likely to be their last.

And something very curious to finish off, for now. AC/DC's original singer (1974-1975) Dave Evans released a song called Rock N Roll Or Bust in 2006, on his solo album Sinner.

Dave Evans reaction to AC/DC naming their new album, Rock Or Bust, so similarly to one of his songs should be interesting.

UPDATE: Dave Evans reaction to the new AC/DC album title? "I like it!"

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