Monday, September 07, 2009

The Symbolism Of Howardism

The Australian's 'editor-at-large' (does this mean he works from home?) Paul Kelly is, curiously, trying to perfume up the wretched stink of The Howard Era with a new book, but Howard's love of the Easiest Option Loaded With Symbolism keeps blasting through the quiet-dignity renovation work from Kelly, continually exposing the phoniness of his 11 years in power :
With John Howard facing political oblivion in September 2007, Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson delivered him a potential re-election strategy in an unprecedented letter.

He suggested three ideas for Howard's election agenda: a referendum to deliver "recognition of indigenous people within a reconciled, indivisible nation", a referendum for an Australian republic based on an affirmation of the British heritage, and a paradigm shift from a "welfare state" to an "opportunity state".

Howard embraced the first proposal but rejected the other two.

You don't get a knighthood if you try to make Australia mature enough to do away with the monarchy.

Meanwhile, a dash of drama in the countdown to John Howard's state funeral :
Former Australian prime minister John Howard was hospitalised over the weekend after a severe allergic reaction to an anaesthetic, it was reported Sunday.Howard, whose conservative administration ruled Australia from 1996 to 2007, spent two nights in hospital after suffering an anaphylactic reaction to anaesthetic during a visit to the dentist...
Perhaps the kangaroo bone effect takes a while to come on.