Monday, September 07, 2009

The Spirit Of Derek & Clive Lives On

Wah, of Club Wah, comes across a motherlode in his Fucktard Hunt :
Why is it whenever someone is lost necessitating a search and rescue operation the fucktards come out and question how much it costs the tax payer with the sort of concern showed as if the money was being ripped out of their own unwashed arses using a pair of multigrips, a can of WD-40 and a fucking tow rope?
Good question.

Another good question :
If I had 25 rounds in the magazine of my SLR rifle and shot 25 fucktards like you at a rate of one every 1.3 seconds. How long would it take me to make the world a slightly better place?
A Club Wah commenter :
You take cursing to a new level.
It's an ever evolving slanguage :
Go and get your head fucked by a front-end loader.
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