Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Look! They're Reading! Books!"

Australia's media, including Channel 9 News, Channel 10 News, Live News, News.com.au, SMH and the Daily Telegraph, according to Mumbrella. gathered this morning in a Sydney bookstore to watch people speed-read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

Freemasonry, and its role in shaping George Washington's revolution against England and the building of the city that bares his name, including the often downright bizarre architecture of Washington DC, plays a key role in Brown's new book.

The Sydney Museum of Freemasonry, only a few blocks away from where dedicated journalists reported stoically on people reading books, must be wondering why they didn't get a call.

It's not like the MoF is trying to distance itself from The Lost Symbol. They're now selling it in the museum's bookshop, with big posters in the foyer.

BTW, freemasons' run the country. At least, they did between 1923 and 1941.