Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Children Of The Bong

Children in Jamaica sharing cannabis (photo source)

News.com.au runs this story and opens it up for debate in comments. The story :

Parents in an impoverished western Sydney suburb are plying children as young as six with cannabis to "keep them quiet", a leading children's charity has revealed.

Counsellors at the Mount Druitt branch of the renowned Ted Noffs Foundation say the disturbing practice is becoming a trend.

"We are seeing six-year-olds being given bongs by their families to keep them quiet, stop them crying, or put them to sleep," clinical psychologist Michael Kirton said.

The debate :
"I'm staggered to read this. Humankind is surely becoming the scourge of this planet and the sooner humans become extinct, the better off the world we be."

"You might as well just hand them over to the drug-dealer."

"....thats great...grow your children up with a drug addiction. It may calm them down, but wait 10 years and they will be bouncing off the walls if they dont have it constantly. Mt Druitt, what do you expect."

That's downright Westist.

"...find the suggestion of a 6-y-o smoking a bong to be highly doubtful. It's not as easy as it sounds; believe it or not, smoking a bong requires coordination to make it work at all."

"seriously, no way a six year old could smoke a bong. They'd be parachuting it and burning holes in the carpet."

"....that's my tax you're getting your kids stoned with."

"Ban Orchy bottles!!"
Everyone's a comedian when six year olds are allegedly punching cones in Mt Druitt.