Monday, August 18, 2008

Dying Baby Whale To Yacht : Will You Be My Mummy Now?

A month old baby whale swam into Sydney's Pittwater yesterday.

Where is its mother?

Nobody knows.

But the desperate little whale decided a yacht could be it's new mummy and apparently tried to suckle the hull, injuring itself.

The baby whale couldn't be coaxed back into open water, without its new mum leading the way. But the whale is running out of time.

Apparently you can't just send down a big bottle of formula with a nipple the size of a car to keep the baby whale alive. It needs to find its mother, or a new actual whale replacement mother very, very soon, and get feeding.

Prepare yourself for tears. This isn't a Disney movie, so there probably won't be a happy ending.

Watch The Baby Whale Seeking Comfort From An 11 Metre Yacht