Tuesday, August 12, 2008

43% Of Herald Sun Readers Want More Teacher-Teenager Raunchy Photos

The mostly always excellent Grods blog spots the Herald Sun trying to do a bit of dodgy online Outrage polling.

As Grods points out, the story that sparked the poll is a non-story. A popular 24 year old high school teacher poses for photos with a 19 year old girl, not connected at all with the man's day job. Of course, the Christian-heavy 'Family Groups' are outraged, once they were alerted to the outrageousosity by the Herald Sun.

The teacher's school has basically told the 'Family Groups' and the Herald Sun to get stuffed :
Sacred Heart principal Joan Janssen said in a statement: "The school community wishes Rhys well. He's a very popular teacher with the staff, students and parents, and we can't wait to have him back at school."
Here's the 'Show Your Outrage' online poll from the Herald Sun.

The results as of 11pm tonight.

The Murdoch tabloids love running this polls. The aim is to provoke an overwhelming response that will form the basis of a few more non-stories.

However, you probably won't see a story tomorrow in the Herald Sun stating that nearly half its readers think "it is appropriate for a teacher to pose in raunchy photos with a teenage girl."

Though they should.

Awesomely hilarious.