Sunday, December 02, 2007

The New Liberals Slash And Burn Howard-Era Ideals

Kyoto? "Me Too!" Gay Rights? "Me Too!"

We've already seen that the new Liberal leader Brendan "We Went To Iraq For The Oil " Nelson believes symbolism on Kyoto is important, mostly so they won't be totally isolated from the majority of Australians, but now Nelson wants to drape his 'revitalised' party in pink and come out for gay rights :
Brendan Nelson has backed equal legal rights for same-sex couples in a move that immediately distances the new Liberal leader from the conservative social policy of the Howard era.

"...I believe in addressing the social and economic injustices affecting homosexuals the length and breadth of this country.''

You can now toss the issue of the Liberals & Gay Rights into the flaming cauldron of dissent and chaos already blazing away over what stance they should be taking on WorkChoices and the whole "Sorry" issues.

Nelson also neon-signs what he clearly hopes will be the underlying philosophy of his New Liberals :

"We must have social and human ideals, which are the ultimate objectives of our economic development.

"I've sometimes said that, even if all our economic problems were solved, all our fundamental questions would remain unanswered.''

The New Liberals should consider a coalition with The Greens. Then they could isolate Labor as being out of touch and "Howard-like" in their conservative approach, under Kevin Rudd, to Australia's problems.

Nelson has also pledged not to just listen to what Australians have to say, but to really, really listen :

"I say to all Australians … to the men and women of Australia in every walk of life: My commitment to you is to provide you with an inspiring alternative government and a liberalism you can identify with," he said.

"I will work my damndest to see that I and my colleagues have earned your vote in three years' time."

The Opposition Leader agreed that the party needed a fundamental ideological rethink and promised to travel the "width and breadth" of the country seeking the views of ordinary Australians.

Let's hope he does a better job of it than John Howard, who, when confronted by those who opposed him or challenged his views, often had his security muscle them away, or instead became snappy,robotically recited mantras and took on the appearance of someone who was being forced to sniff a fresh dog turd.

It sounds like Nelson wants to reshape his party philosophy based on what the Australian people have to say. Which is certainly better than the way Howard shaped his political Liberal philosophy - by listening to histaliban of extremist and ultra-conservative media hacks, lackeys and Quadrant fetishists.

Speaking of which, rehabilitated Howard hugger Miranda Devine shows she knows how to go with the new flow with her rapturous praise of Brendan Nelson's performance as the New Liberals leader, only two days after he won the top job :
"He would make a wise and compassionate prime minister if ever he had the chance."
Nelson can rest assured that Devine will do everything she can to make sure Nelson gets that chance.