Monday, December 24, 2007


The above photo of the Pasha Bulka is by Simone De Peak

The Sydney Morning Herald has a magnificent slideshow of their 'Photos Of The Year' up for viewing here. You need no further proof than this that Australia has the best sports photographers in the world.

The Herald, and other Australian online newspapers, have got to work out a better way of presenting the brilliant work of their photographers online, on a daily basis. The images they use on most stories are far too small. Most days, the work of these very talented photographers are no bigger than thumbnails. It's a damn shame.

And the showcasing of the Herald photographers work won't get any better in the dead tree editions once they go to a tabloid size later next year.

Here's my pick for two of the best political photos of the year.

The first is by Glen Macurtayne:

"You're Not A Quitter, John."

This fantastic shot of former prime minister Bob Hawke, in electioneering mode, is by Peter Morris.

"Ladies...I'm Back!"

(Note, the above two photographs are screen captures of much larger, and more impressive, images here)