Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bloodnut Runs The Country

Today, a tiny, long mocked, down trodden, disrespected minority of Australians will be celebrating that one of their own has ascended to the heights of acting prime minister. No, not women. Redheads. The most cursed of all humanity's bizarre evolutionary mutations.

Deputy prime minister, Julia Gillard, is now acting prime minister while Kevin Rudd is in Bali emitting about emissions. She rules the land until Thursday night :

"I think it's probably a moment that many Australian women will probably stop and reflect on...I think if there's one girl who looks at the TV screen over the the next few days and says 'I might like to do that in the future', well that's a good thing."

Australian politics needs more Julia Gillards and less Tony Abbotts.

Annabel Crabb celebrates a victory for Australian women, and redheads :

It's a brief luxuriation in the seat of power that will top off what has undoubtedly been an incredible year for the Member for Lalor.

After all, it is only six years ago that Julia Gillard was a little-known bit player in Labor's dispirited opposition, a red-headed backbencher with a penchant for loud suits and a voice that would strip the enamel off a refrigerator.

She readily lampoons her own paltry housekeeping skills, and confesses privately that her polished wooden dining table has never been the same since she tried to spruce it up with oven cleaner in 2003.

And her favourite thing about the Australian people, she says, is their larrikin sense of humour.

"I was standing out at a street stall in my own electorate on one very windy winter's morning, and when you're campaigning at a street stall you stand next to a corflute sign of yourself, you know - a big poster of yourself.

"And so there I am, windswept and looking a bit bedraggled, and this old bloke comes out of the supermarket, and he looks at me and looks at the sign, and looks at me and looks at the sign, and then finally says: "Taken on a good day, wasn't it, love?"

Ladies and gentlemen, for 2 days only: The acting Prime Minister.

According to the rabid right of the commentariat, Julia Gillard should now be sacking Rudd and installing union thugs in every position of power across the land. Didn't they spend millions of dollars of your money warning us that Gillard was only one empty fruit bowl away from Red China Communism? Didn't they spend most of the year telling us how Gillard wouldn't even wait until Christmas before she sank the knives into Rudd's back, staged a coup and began transforming Australia into a socialist utopia?

Surely, the demented right couldn't have been so wrong? They're usually so bang on the money. The Iraq War. Climate Change. Dr Haneef is a crazed terrorist. The economy will be the election maker and breaker...

Oh, that's right. Gillard was only Chairman Mao and Karl Marx's secret hybrid clone child until all those union thugs stormed the Liberal Party bastille and staked the black heart of Howard in the November 24 election.

Now, the demented right can't find enough positive words to praise Julia Gillard.

Here is but one example, the Herald Sun's dribbling Andrew Bolt :
...her discipline, her very polished projection...warm, principled and human...Gillard will be PM.
What was that about a "conga line of suckholes?"

You need no more proof that the John Howard era of 'boys club' politics is dead and buried than to see Julia Gillard in charge of Australia. Briefly, but deservedly so.