Saturday, December 01, 2007

Troops To Withdraw From Iraq Within Months

Prime minister Kevin Rudd will keep his election promise and begin withdrawing Australian combat troops from Iraq in the new year. The last of the troops are expected to be home by July 2008.

Next week PM Rudd begins discussions with the American ambassador to sort out the timing of the troop withdrawals.

The United States is planning to withdraw a substantial number of troops from Iraq in the first half of 2008. It doesn't have a choice. They don't have enough troops left to keep up the current numbers of more 160,000. The British are pulling out its troops. The Danish contingent is also withdrawing.

Some defence industry watchers now claim that regardless of whether Labor won, or the Howard government was returned, in last Saturday's election, the results for Australian troops would have been the same : withdrawal of most of the combat forces, and a new emphasis on training Iraqi troops and police.

The Iraq War is over?

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