Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rudd To Bush : It's Time For US To Ratify Kyoto

Bush Official Tells Rudd Government : Not A Chance

On the eve of major climate change talks in Bali, during which he hopes to "unite" the world in fighting global warming, Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has called on the US to join the world's major industrial powers and ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Within hours of becoming prime minister last Monday, Kevin Rudd undid a decade of obfuscation and global warming denialism on the part of the Howard government and signed Australian up to full Kyoto ratification. Less than 48 hours later, Rudd has called on the US to do likewise :

"Our position vis-a-vis Kyoto is clear cut, and that is that all developed and developing countries need to be part of the global solution," Mr Rudd said.

"When it comes to developed countries, we need to see our friends in America as part and parcel of that as well. "And therefore we do need to see the United States as a full ratification state when it comes to Kyoto."

But earlier today, during the first official meetings between the Bush administration and the new Australian government, Kevin Rudd was told by US Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns that the US would not ratify Kyoto and was instead looking to a post-2010 deal on carbon targets that would include China and India.


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