Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Australian Metal Band Loses Singer In Van Crash

UPDATE : There was much confusion in the media about which rock band was in the van that crashed earlier today in New South Wales. It is now being reported that the van belonged to Australian metal band The Red Shore, from Geelong, who were touring with US act All Shall Perish. The lead singer of The Red Shore, Damo, is now believed to have died in the accident.

From ABC News :
Melbourne death metal band's lead singer and merchandiser were killed when their mini-bus crashed on the Pacific Highway, north of Coffs Harbour, earlier today.

The Red Shore were on tour with US band All Shall Perish at the time of the accident.

Earlier reports claimed members of All Shall Perish were involved. But a spokeswoman for touring agency Destroy All Lines has confirmed the mini-bus was not carrying the US band.

The Red Shore's lead singer and merchandiser were killed when the driver of the mini-bus lost control of the vehicle near Moonee Beach and crashed into a tree at 7:00am AEDT.

The Red Shore's My Space is here. You can hear some of their songs at the top right of the MySpace page. Sounds like they carved.

Considering the amount of ks a van or bus tour of Australia wracks up, it really is amazing that there aren't more tragic tales of life on the rock road like this one.