Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lusting For Brains, For Charity

This is exactly the sort of headline I've been waiting for years to see on ABC News. My motorcycle covered with 30 spinning, slashing machetes is ready to go to work :

But, dammit, when you actually read through Gary Kemble's story, you discover it's the Fourth Annual Zombie Walk, where thousands dressed up as the undead, and doused themselves in fake blood and chocolate sauce, as a charity drive for the Brain Foundation.

The Brisbane ZombieWalk organisers should get a prize for coming up with a very popular zombie-related event that actually raises money for brain disease research. Bravo.

And this image by Guilio Saggin, from ABC News, must be a contender for a 2009 News Photo Of The Year :

Gary Kemble has a whole load more photos and videos here, including zombie dogs and arm munching.

@cosmicjester also covered the Brisbane ZombieWalk :

More ZombieWalk photos from CosmicJester here

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