Thursday, October 29, 2009

Therese Rein Challenges Corporate Australia To Sponsor Disabled Athletes

By Darryl Mason

Therese Rein, through her employment agency, helped thousands of disabled and work-injured Australians find jobs and build careers. Her new challenge :

I hope it works. My eldest sister has long dreamed of attending the Special Olympics one day, and she and her friends might get there, if the corporate sponsorship of disabled athletes picks up. It costs a lot of money to attend, because carers, travel and special equipment have to be paid for, mostly out of the pockets of parents or friends.

Therese Rein :
What Paralympians do is they don't focus on what doesn't work, they focus on making what does work, work to the max. And that's what my dad did. And I think I've learnt a little bit about how to do that from him.
An interview of Therese Rein by The 7.30 Report's Kerry O'Brien can be read, or viewed, here.

UPDATE : Here's the interview :

A reaction to Therese Rein's campaign for corporate sponsorship of disabled athletes from the Herald Sun's associate editor, Andrew Bolt (a regular guest of ABCs Insiders, Channel Nine's The Today Show and Channel Ten's The 7PM Project) :

Oh, how droll.

This is all this repulsive creature has got left now - encouraging his readers to go the wife of the prime minister because she devoted a substantial part of her life to helping disabled people, in honour of her paraplegic father, and wants to continue doing this important work.

You can contact the 7PM Report here

And Channel Nine's Today Show here

And ABC's Insiders' here

Feel free to let them know what you think of their decisions to include Andrew Bolt as a regular guest on their programs.

Or you can visit his blog, look at the advertisers and contact them, and suggest they sponsor disabled athletes instead of the empathy challenged, like him.