Saturday, October 03, 2009

The United States' top general in Iraq, Ray Odierno, said today :
"I'm not sure we will ever see anyone declare victory in Iraq...."
That can't be right. Andrew Bolt declared Victory In Iraq in late 2007.

Army General Odierno, therefore, has now de-declared victory.

It sounds like the US is trying to cover up their late 2007 Iraq War win.

Must be some new kind of strategy to throw the enemy off.

Unless Andrew Bolt was wrong.

But how could that be? Look how accurately Bolt predicted the reality of the swine flu pandemic :
Australians are more likely to be eaten by mice than to die of swine flu
More than 140 Australians have died suffering from swine flu, including many children, since the first death from the virus in July.

But reports of Australians being eaten by mice are curiously rare in the Australian media. Must be another cover up to make Andrew Bolt look like a complete dickhead.