Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Must Be True What They're Saying About World Government, I Read It In The Australian

By Darryl Mason

Janet Albretchsen ramps up the booga-booga, and supplies a list of talking points and questions for the Opposition to bombard the Rudd government with in Question Time, which they will surely do, as soon as today :

According to this ABC board member, the Copenhagaen Climate Change Treaty is a secret World Government plot.

How long I've waited for the day that Parliament House erupts with questions and yelling about "World Government!" Nexus Magazine circa-1987 was right, after all. At least on Planet Janet.

Hopefully, Tony Abbott will be allowed to ask KevinRuddPM when Australians will be implanted with New World Order/World Government! RFID chips (secreted inside mandatory depopulating swine flu vaccinations of course), to keep them under control as the wealth of the few is handed over to placate the poverty of the many.

Then again, Janet and her fellow pro-war nutters in the Murdoch media also believed that bombing the absolute fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan would bring peace to the Middle East.

Janet Albretchsen's source for her UN/NWO/World Government! claims come through Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount of Benchley, who likes to refer to climate scientists as "bedwetters" and the American president as "Osamabamarama".