Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On Friday I Will Shout "Follow Me Friday" On A City Street And See Who Follows Me

Charles Purcell finds brilliant inspiration in the idea of testing out his online social networking skils in the flesh and blood reality of Sydney's CBD :

As one final Facebook-related gesture, I surprise hug one of my Facebook friends in real life. "You probably looked more uncomfortable than I did," he laughs. The tech editor described the status-updating feature of Twitter as like "standing in George Street and shouting out what you had for lunch". So I stand in Pitt Street Mall during lunch hour.

"I'm going to have Hungry Jack's for lunch today smiley face," I bellow. A few people look on in contempt. The lunchtime crowd walks around me as if there is an invisible bubble of shame around me. I wait an awful 30 seconds, then scream: "I polished my corns last night." (I have no corns.)

People continue to stare at the Twitter-based freak show I have become but none come near or talk to me. "I'm looking forward to Terminator 4," I cry. Despite my sharing of information, I have clearly become a social outcast. "Am I the only one who thinks the Beatles are overrated? Lol," I shout. But I'm not really laughing out loud more like crying on the inside. It's safe to say Twitter updates are the social kiss of death in the real world.

The whole Purcell piece, where he also tries to Facebook-style poke strangers to become their friends, is fantastic. Read it now.

If only he'd vid'd it.

The Chaser must be kicking themselves that they didn't think of doing this first.