Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ipswitch Journal, May 8, 1886 :
One of these cigarettes gives immediate relief in the worst attack of Asthma, Cough, Bronchitis, Hay Fever and Shortness of Breath. Persons who suffer at night with coughing, phlegm and short breath, find them invaluable as they instantly check the spasms, promote sleep and allow the patient to pass a good night. Are perfectly harmless, and may be smoked by ladies, children, and most delicate patients. In Boxes of 35.
That's quite a sales pitch. Also apparently good for those stricken with influenza. Well, at least back then. But what did they know?

I wonder if these Cigarese De Joy, or 'cannabis cigarettes', which were legally available for sale in Australia during the 1880s and 1890s, would help us cope with swine flu symptoms (many of which are covered in that sales pitch) when the anti-virals run out?

Or stop working.

"You can't arrest me! I'm fighting pandemic influenza!"