Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Natural Master Of Radio And Comic Timing Shows An Amateur How It's Done

Father Bob : If you only see one Catholic Church service in your lifetime, see Father Bob's

The Professional Idiot holds court on John Safran & Father Bob's JJJ show, while Safran and Father Bob struggle to keep it entertaining, or even just a little bit fun.

The Professional Idiot first tries to steer the conversation away from who paid for his recent trip to Israel, where he declared his mate Peter Costello "The Messiah", The Idiot then waffles non-critically about Israel and then expresses surprise that the Palestinian politicians he met were well educated, one was even a pediatrician. Imagine that.

Then this :
The Idiot : "I’ve always tended to be on the side of people who are democratic, who respect, to as much as is consistent with their safety, human rights, and freedom of speech. And by that measure there’s only one party that would make me feel comfortable..…"
Father Bob times his moment of interjection perfectly.
Father Bob : "The Palestinians."
Silence for a few seconds, radio dead air, then you can actually hear The Idiot's jaw clench hard.
The Idiot : "..............you seriously think that or are you just being a fool?"

Father Bob : "No, I’m having a go back."
The Idiot is overwhelmed by such petulance and the standard whining and hilariously prissy outrage kicks in :
The Idiot : "Well, if you say something like that, there’s obviously no room for us to engage because what you’ve said is clearly nonsense....It’s clearly nonsense! Because it is nonsense! So what’s the point in arguing?"

Father Bob : "A conversation? No, this is not the time or the place..."
So much for The Professional Idiot's alleged love of a rousing debate.

You can hear it here. Jump to 41mins 30secs.