Monday, July 13, 2009

"Mr Jagger, I've Been A Great Fan Of Yours Ever Since You Were With The Beatles"

Three decades before Borat and Bruno, we had Norman Gunston :

And even better. Norman Gunston interviews KISS at an hilarious press conference.
Paul Stanley : "That would work wonderfully, we could bounce laser beams off your head."

Eric Carr : "Have you ever considered a career as a satellite?"

Norman Gunston : "Come on, guys, these people here respect me. Don't make fun of me in front of them."

One more Norman. How cute. TV channels used to promote the fact they were in colour. Imagine trying to have to convince people to switch to colour TV? I remember some old locals when I was a kid in the mid-1970s saying they preferred black and white and colour TV was a fad, so they would not be "making the switch."

How catchy is that jingle? I don't think I've seen this ad since 1976, but immediately I knew all the words. How deeply those ads you see repeatedly as a kid embed themselves in your memory.