Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Draw McIdiot In Spectacular Self-Goosing

The Professional Idiot's team of content providers delivers some more pure Gold :

Me, a Bolt who hates anyone with “a name like Hussein”? Not so, believe me.

The Profesional Idiot, or one of his team, meant to link to this story on sprinter Hussein Bolt to counter claims of Barack Obama related anti-Husseinery, but instead (before a hasty correction) readers were directed for a second time to this post by Irfan Yusuf that reasonably asked if anyone actually reads through the mind vomit of many Andrew Bolt commenters, before publication, and highlighted some of the more insane comments by the most dense of The Professional Idiot's long conga line of absolute fucking morons.

Some of those comments :

"It’s a bit hard to be friends with an invisible enemey. The religion/ideology that is Islam has been at odds with the civilised world for more than a thousand years. It continues today either in the form of wars being faught in Africa and the Middle East or your local town, suburb or capital city where a more subtle form of ideological control is taking place. Gradually they will either kill us or out number us via massive birth rates. It is happening and people are letting it happen."

"Islam is a threat to non Islamic people everywhere ... Given any chance, Muslims will oppress peoples the world over if they resist conversion to Islam....Denying this is like denying the Holocaust, but I guess you think that was propaganda too?"

"We have to consider these things from Obama’s perspective, which is very different from ours. He is the first Arab President, the US has had."

I'm not sure what The Profesional Idiot's intention was here, unless he intended to point out to his own readers how thick-as some of the fellow brethren are, but when you're relying on 'one million hits a month' to make up for the "across the board" cutbacks from the boss that are now taking effect on the mega-paid opinionastra, like himself, you've got to find something Muslimy every day to keep the last dregs of vehemently paranoid Howard-era conservatives coming back for more.