Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Easier Than You Think

But what is 'Sydney' talking about over there? Rocks, Evil Pagan Lefty Commo Nazi Greenies, Hamas children's TV hosts, flavoured milk, Al Gore Is Fat, American radio host Rush Limbaugh and some cricket commentator who uses the word "must" a lot.

Now that Murdoch media bloggers will soon have to rely on blog revenue to fill the money gap left by the boss's "across the board" staff and wage cuts, Blair will need all the promotion he can get, even if it qualifies as false advertising.

UPDATE : The Great Al Gore Global Warming Conspiracy Collective is at war against The Deniers and has hacked into Blair's blog (obviously I can't ignore it) and is gremlinising comments, to accidentally amusing effect :

When I moved house recently I lost my treasured paper clip. The one special paperclip, that clipped together many of my favourite peices of paper. I was devastated.

bondo of Melbourne (reply)
18 Feb 09 (06:20pm)

Simultaneous Lover replied to bondo
Wed 18 Feb 09 (10:46pm)
Yes, I have been a cheater. Sorry to admit it, but before I found the right girl to settle down with, I dated 3 simultaneously. It’s expensive and time consuming.
Surreal. Apparently, comments posted in reply to comments on other News Limited blogs are popping up randomly wherever they feel like at Blair's. So a riveting discussion about pens, paperclips and the Holocaust at Blair's is suddenly interrupted by comments meant to appear on some other blog entirely where the conversation is centred around the TV show WifeSwap.

It's excellently random and chaotic, and should be kept. Much more entertaining.