Monday, February 23, 2009

"Assassinate" Bob Brown Talk Shows Up Again On Bolt's Blog, After Moderation

By Darryl Mason

The Professional Idiot, aka Andrew Bolt, grows uneasy at the latest results of his Stop The Pagan Nazi Commo Greens Before They Kill Us All! campaign :

I have just deleted from this thread a comment from a reader saying he wished he’d “assassinated’’ Bob Brown to save lives. It is a disgusting comment that would be repudiated by every regular reader of this blog.

Really? Repudiated by every regular reader of your blog? Are you sure about that?

His commenter's talk of killing Bob Brown "to save lives" is the expected fallout from the helplessness Andrew Bolt instills in his regular readers with his endless hysteria on the threat to their very lives he so often tells them they face from 'Green Nazi' policies, and ideology.

He's been ramping his readers up for months in anticipation of Green Terrorists posing the same kind of threats to their very lives and lifestyles he once promised were posed by the crazed Islamists living down the road, in country Victoria.

This dim fucker now tries to pretend that threats to Greens leader Bob Brown's life, published in his own blog's comments (that is, after moderation), have nothing whatsoever to do with anything he's ever written.

And it's not the first time assassinating Bob Brown has been been directly, or indirectly, discussed on Bolt's blog.

Threats of violence, and throat-slitting, directed at Bob Brown appeared on Bolt's blog, shortly after the February 7 bushfires, after Bolt goaded his readers with this headline, and intro :
Preaching Over The Dead :

"At least 36 Victorians die in bushfires, and Bob Brown sees on opportunity to preach politics..."
Bolt expected, and got, more than a hundred comments attacking Bob Brown for something he did not actually do. Many of the comments that followed hummed with a desire for violence against the Greens leader :

"You mongrel Brown...Come on you snivelling creep. Stop hiding behind your media whores."

"...the opportunist way Climate Change proponents are latching on to the event. Whats the term for opportunistic bastard? Its Bob Brown, taking this approach before the bodies are even counted.

"Insane, crazy, maddness. Its the Greenies, save a bloody lizard at the expense of human lives."

"What a truly appalling man he is. And more appalling is that so many hang off every sickening word."

"(He's) not a man. Men are human.

"Public crucifixion would be suitable for zealots such as Brown and Wong."

"Bob Brown is a sick and twisted fool."

"Frankly, if I’d been there at the time I’m not sure I could have refrained myself from decking the slimy moron."

"Brown is a swine of the first order, how anyone votes for this bastard and his party is beyond my comprehension."

"Brown, you are scum."

"Brown you are a poor excuse for a human being..."

"Bob Brown...what a despicable Turd!Makes his sick, twisted political capital out of charred bodies & ruined lives."

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

When blog commenting in Australia becomes illegal without moderation, or some form of digital ID being used, you can thank Andrew Bolt for giving those who wish to censor us exactly the kind of ammunition they needed to ramp up their campaign.