Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby, That Was Years Ago....

Is this the first recorded reference to Cold Chisel in Australian Parliament?

Australia's PM2, Julia Gillard, got stuck into the UnOpposition's Christopher Pyne today :
"Presumably he prefers Abba to Cold Chisel, because that is the kind of thing we see on display.''
Okay, now I feel old. Some of Australia's leaders, and most senior politicians, grew up smoking cannabis and listening to the same music I did.

I won't be happy until The Angels and The Radiators also get referenced.

The Chiz in rare 1978 live TV action, performing Australia's real national anthem back when speed was still, for Jimmy Barnes, 'The Breakfast Of Champions' :

I have no idea why it cuts off after a minute and a half, but here's a video of the anthem in full.