Friday, February 20, 2009

Above, The Herald Sun takes a photoshop shot at imagining what actress Cate Blanchett would look like if she were to take on the role of Pauline Hanson in a planned movie of her life :
Melbourne filmmakers Leanne Tonkes and Steve Kearney believe Australia's most radiant leading lady would be perfect to play the One Nation founder in their Pauline Hanson biopic.

AFI award-winning screenwriter and playwright Stephen Sewell is on board. So is director Anna Broinowksi, best known for her account of the Norma Khouri literary hoax, Forbidden Lie$.

The producers have talked to Blanchett. "She's very busy," Kearney admits. "It really depends if we deliver a script she likes."

"It's based on Hanson's life, starting from a fish and chip shop and ending on Dancing With the Stars."
They should include the very real conspiracy that unfolded between the Labor Party and The Liberals to destroy Hanson beginning in 1996, after John Howard lifted some of her most popular policies and made them his own. Neither the Labor or Liberal parties wanted to see a third party threatening their shared monopoly of federal politics, and for a while there, One Nation with Hanson at the helm looked to have a decent shot at shattering that monopoly. Sabotuer extraordinaire Tony Abbott went so far as to arrange pro-bono lawyers for those who really wanted to grind Pauline Hanson into the ground with lawsuit after lawsuit, a standard tactic for shutting up those with too much to say, and too many people listening.