Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bargain Basement Bush

Elton John charges more for floor seats, and Elton doesn't give you a meal :

Celebrity agent Max Markson plans to bring former US president George Bush to Australia on a $1000-a-head speaking tour next year.

"I was on a cruise in the Caribbean the day after President [Barack] Obama was sworn in and I received an email asking if I could arrange for president Bush to come out," Mr Markson said.

The day after Obama was sworn in, Bush was ready to start hoiking his blood-caked wares to punters in Australia.

Bush is desperately trying to raise about $US500 million for his presidential library. Not a lot of those who promised him years back, "Yeah, sure, Mr President, I'll throw in $50 million for your book place, sure, now how many missiles do you want to buy?" haven't come up with the money he needs. And he'll be lucky to get even a few hundred grand for his memoirs.

At least he'll find enough punters in Australia to cash him up enough to fit out his library.

A smaller library.

Maybe a mobile library....

They won't be shutting down the streets of Sydney and running kilometres of steel fencing through the heart of the city and the Botanical Gardens this time when Bush visits.