Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Andrew Bolt Outraged By Media 'Hyping' Of Climate Change Threats

Except When His Own Newspaper Is Doing It

Andrew Bolt is outraged, outraged dammit, by the ceaseless hyping from the Australian media when it comes to reports on how climate change will effect Australia's future, and the dire warnings of coming climate chaos extrapolated from scientific studies. Why can't they restrain themselves from all those doom and gloom headlines?

But does he tell ever you that his own newspaper, the Herald Sun, and its Rupert Murdoch-owned parent company News.com.au is the biggest Australian campaigner and promoter of climate change fear and paranoia?

Of course not.

Bolt is always so very, very vague now on just who is 'hyping' climate change in the Australian media. He used to attack the ABC and Fairfax newspapers for 'hyping' the effects of climate change. That is, until Rupert Murdoch became the world's biggest promoter of raising awareness of "the clear, catastrophic threat" posed by global warming and climate change, and promised to "weave" the issue into the content of his media empire.

Yesterday Bolt headlined a blog post with this :

Even More Panic Over CSIRO's Less Scary News

He clearly means panic in the media in the reporting of the CSIRO's findings on how Australia is likely to be effected by climate change in the coming decades.

Bolt then writes :

Some old stuff, but the usual scary headlines follow, like this:

CSIRO warns of climate chaos

According to Google News, the only newspapers and media sites in Australia who used that 'scary' headline were Bolt's own newspaper, The Herald Sun, the sister Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph and the main portal for Murdoch's Australian media sites, News.com.au.

Most non-Murdoch newspapers and media outlets used far more restrained headlines. But don't look to Andrew Bolt to tell you that fact.

News Limited's Brisbane paper, the Courier Mail went with this far more dramatic headline :

Aussie Climate In Hot Water

And Murdoch's Adelaide Advertiser served up :

Climate Chaos Warning

Not one of the numerous stories carried by Murdoch newspapers and websites, including the Herald Sun, followed Bolt's usual demands that "alternative views" be included in media reports on climate change to provide balance on the 'reality' of climate change, or if humans are really responsible for global warming.

Literally dozens of stories were published, without "alternative views", on the News Limited newspaper and website network. Bolt didn't even notice. Surely he can't be that ignorant?

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