Monday, August 20, 2007

Andrew Bolt : Back In The Gutter Where He Belongs

Herald Sun propagandist in chief, Andrew Bolt, will continue to claim the US "surge" strategy in Iraq is working until every Iraqi is dead, or a refugee. If the "surge" was allowed to last that long.

As one of the key media supporters of the War On Iraq and one of the most hysterical and savage attack dogs against anti-Iraq War protesters across the country, including thousands of Australian World War 2, Korea and Vietnam war veterans, Bolt will never admit as so many other pro-war supporters have that attacking a sovereign country who posed no immediate threat to the United States or Europe was a catastrophe for Iraqis, and one of the worst foreign policy decisions made by Australia, and the United States, in decades.

Instead Bolt continues to perpetuate long-discredited myths and BushCo. created propaganda about what is going on in Iraq.

With no real, credible proof to back up his claims that the "surge" in Iraq has been a success, when the death toll of both Iraqis and American has actually increased in recent months, Bolt has been reduced to linking to his own blog posts to try and back up his absurd claim that "It is becoming widely accepted that the US and Iraqi "surge" strategy is working."

He then claims that the US "surge" strategy is "saving lives".

Says who? Seven serving members of the American military claim here that the "surge" has already failed, that the Iraqi Army and police are now working together to attack American soldiers. The American soldiers who served 15 months in the war zone also go on to utterly shatter all manner of other myths about the Iraq War that the likes of Bolt are always so keen to perpetuate and echo-chamber.

The "surge" is working and it is saving Iraqi lives, claims Bolt. Why would Bolt ignore the evidence and make such facile claims in his increasingly demented Herald Sun blog?

Because prime minister John Howard has just re-committed Australia's combat troops to continue serving in Iraq to at least mid-2008, and this flies in the face of Opposition leader Kevin Rudd's plan to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq when he becomes prime minister.

Bolt cites Rudd in an interview yesterday stating :

We believe the strategy being pursued by and supported by Mr Howard is heading in the wrong direction and that’s why we have argued consistently against that surge strategy...

Which leads Bolt to make the following despicable claim about Kevin Rudd :
He’d rather win a populist vote than save an Iraqi life.
Andrew Bolt is human garbage, and a promoter of further pain and suffering for the Iraqis. He is too much of a coward to admit that he was wrong about the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and continues to be wrong about the effectiveness of Bush and Howard's strategies for stabilising Iraq.

But then, being a coward is nothing new for Bolt. Many months on and he still has nothing to say about Rupert Murdoch's Climate Change Crusade, or his own newspaper's near ceaseless promotion of climate change programs and campaigns.

So as to not offend his boss, or his own editors, Bolt has quietly, steadily, reduced all of his attacks on those pushing to control global warming to claiming that some of them are being merely "alarmist".

A remarkable backdown from the days when Bolt used to call them all "cultists" and "hysterical" and "preachers" and believers in "the most superstitious pagan faith of all".

But that was before his boss, Rupert Murdoch, announced that climate change was real and "posed clear, catastrophic threats" and had to be confronted.

Naturally, Bolt fell into line.

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