Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rudd's 'Waxgate' Incident Becomes International News

Image from the London Times homepage

The YouTube video of Kevin Rudd supposedly snacking down on some of his own ear food is making international news. First the pole dancers during a drunken night out in New York, now 'Waxgate'. The next time Rudd makes international headlines will be on November 25 when he wins the election.

From the London Times :

Britons whose knowledge of Australian dining habits is based largely on the bush tucker trial sections of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! will be appalled to learn that this is yet another deception foisted on the public...

Australians, if the latest hit video on Youtube is to be believed, are shunning locusts and witchetty grubs in favour of something altogether more familiar: ear wax.

Britons making fun of the snacking habits of Australians, right. Anyone for a deep fried Mars Bars? How about some blood-soaked offal stuffed into a sheep's stomach? Anyone?