Friday, October 19, 2007

Tony Abbott : A Dirty, Rotten, Commie, Crypto-Stalinist, Lefty, Strike Making UNION THUG!

Poor old Tony Abbott. He was hoping that it would be Rudd's dark past that would be in the headlines today. No such luck.

Federal health minister, and chief Howard headkicker, Tony Abbott has been exposed as a dirty rotten COMMIE masquerading as an odious annoying little Howard lapdog.

How do we know Abbott is a dirty, rotten, stinking, commie, crypto-Stalinist UNION THUG?

Because the Howard government's own propaganda tells us so.

Tony Abbott was a member and power mover in the journo's union, back when he used to run the photocopier at The Bulletin, and he actively participated in, and even helped to organise, a strike.


Dirty, rotten, Commie, Lefty, Socialist, Maoist UNION THUG Bastard!

The union bosses, and their lackeys are everywhere! Beware!

They're even hiding out in the flaky, wirey shell of the federal health minister.

This is exactly the kind of union thug stealth tactics Howard has been trying to warn us about.

You can't trust them! They'll pretend to be loyal Liberal Party pitbulls. They'll toe the line and lick the toes of the prime minister for years and years, and then, when you least expect it, their shocking, COMMIE, dark and hideous, Red China, Stalinist, Marxo-COMMIE-Lefty-Leninist true self will burst out and seize control of the nation.

Thank God Tony Abbott's finally been exposed. Now that's one less secret unionist who's been treating us like fools, fools dammit, for a decade, pretending to be an anti-union conservative, when he's secretly been working as a double-agent, plotting towards the day when the UNION BOSSES will take over Australia with their ANTI-BUSINESS agenda.

Howard's right, you know he is. Those dirty Commie UNION BOSSES and their secret double-agent STALINIST wannabes like Tony Abbott really are anti-business. They want to destroy Australian businesses. They want to put every Australian business out of business. That is their business. Don't you see that yet?

Once all the anti-business unions make sure all the businesses are out of business, then the unions that rely on business to swell their ranks with new workers from growing businesses can finally...oh right.

Forget all that.

Note : SHOUTING really is lots of fun, and so is adding lots of !!!! but we won't make a habit of it. OKAY?!!!

And no, I've only been drinking orange juice and mineral water.