Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Global Warming's Forced Vegetarianism Conspiracy Exposed

As the Herald Sun's Andrew Bolt has repeatedly warned us, the threat of global warming is just one big Leftoid conspiracy to turn Australia into a nation of hair shirt wearing, bicycle-riding, lentil consuming, sun worshipping hippie delusionists, living in perpetual darkness while begging for salvation in front of home shrines to Bob Brown and Tim Flannery.

And now here's further proof - an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (!!!) that reveals how Australia will be forced to cut back on pollution in the decades ahead, thereby cutting greenhouse emissions.

But amongst all the crazed extremist talk of using less electricity, increasing energy use efficiency, and reducing the kinds of pollution that retard children's brains, there is this landmine of totalitarianistic social change that threatens to undermine the very fabric of Australia's meat-eating heritage :
AUSTRALIA could cut its greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 30 per cent by 2020 without relying on clean-coal technology or nuclear energy, but it might have to sacrifice its aluminium sector and produce less beef, says a new analysis of the country's emissions.

To achieve the 30 per cent cut, more controversial measures such as...a 20 per cent cut in beef production to reduce the effect of methane from cattle (will be needed).
Man the barbecues, arm yourselves with tongs, guard your sirloins.

We look forward to more on this shocking conspiracy aimed at forcing Australians into becoming a nation of veggie crunching, water saving, clean air breathing, solar power using Flannery worshippers from the always reliable Andrew Bolt, Rupert Murdoch's anti-global warming alarmism alarmist.

It's refreshing to know that the likes of Bolt's Herald Sun, and its parent media portal,, will never get caught up in promoting the Great Global Warming Leftoid Conspiracy like the SMH.

Remember, first they come for your V8s, then they come for your plasma wall screen TVs, then they come for your steak sandwiches.