Monday, October 08, 2007

Busy 'Killing Sydney'

Last week I did an interview by e-mail with Gary Kemble from the ABC's Articulate blog, on the the reasons why novelists publishing their work online, for free, will mean a brighter, far more exciting future for writers and the book publishing industry. An industry that is seriously in the doldrums right now, and in dire need of a revolution. $37 or more for a paperback novel in Sydney bookshops? No wonder so many first-time novelists never get a chance to find an audience.

There's also plenty of rambling in the interview about the online serialized novel ED Day, what it's been like to write a novel and publish each chapter online as soon as it's written, and where the story might be now heading.

A quick thanks to the readers here who've been sending links from the ED Day blog to their friends, both here and overseas, vastly expanding the audience. The readership of the novel has already grown beyond all my expectations and is now nudging 4200, in 19 countries. So thanks again.

Go Here To Read The Articulate Interview