Monday, August 12, 2013

Tony Abbott's Smelly Wisdom - Federal Election 2013 - Day 9

For someone who once vowed that he would do anything to become prime minister, 'except take it up the arse', a very interesting gaffe from opposition leader Tony Abbott.

If you talk long enough, you're going to get things messed up, eventually.

But you have to wonder sometimes if politicians ever gaffe on purpose, knowing it will dominate news coverage, be a hit on YouTube and probably not do all that much harm at all, except for making you look more human.

UPDATE: Has Tony Abbott been watching a few Dirty Harry movies recently? Easy for this kind of thing to bleed over, right Harry Callahan? See 2:30:

UPDATE: Or maybe Tony Abbott's been watching Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket? See 0:36:

More soon