Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Liberals 'Sexy Time' Billboard Fake - Don't Encourage The Daily Show - Federal Election Day 11

Sign of the times I suppose that this fake Liberals Sexy Time billboard pic has gained 'I Like It! Great idea!' status on social media. Thinking themselves clever japesters, some are insisting this billboard is going up in Western Sydney today. It is not :

Look, after the gaffetacular showing so far in this election, The Daily Show, and willingly gullible interational media, are likely to believe anything they see coming out of Australia. We don't need to give any foreigner an excuse to run Benny Hill theme music during their coverage of our election.

Don't encourage them. 

UPDATE: A Fairfax journalist working as a campaign volunteer for Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has been caught inteferring with Labor Party posters:
Mr Pyne says she was actually helping out and is proud of her.

"I am absolutely confident that no wrongdoing has occurred and I understand that she will be entirely cleared," he said.

"She was fixing them for the Labor Party because they'd been so poorly put up."
 So the same day we hear the Liberals and Labor are going to preference the hell out of each other to save their Two Party System, we hear that Liberal volunteers are making sure Labor election poters are positioned correctly on walls around Adelaide.

Don't be too obvious about it.