Tuesday, August 06, 2013

"OK, That's Enough" - Gruesomely Hypnotic Interview Disaster - Federal Election 2013

One of the best political candidate interviews you'll see this election. Very revealing, and entertaining, for all sorts of reasons.

1)  It's uncut, raw, footage of a political candidate unable to answer the most basic questions without sounding like a fucking robot.

2) Watch the young woman trying to maintain a poker face as the interview completely falls apart on the Six Point Plan, at 3:15

3) The old bloke who rocks up at 4:10

4) The journalist, pissed at being interrupted as he tries to get anything useful from the candidate, after five long minutes, at 5:44

5) The Big Finish, candidate left repeating "we support families" mantra when asked slightly difficult question about his a key financial policy, at 6:10.

Let's see more raw footage like this from the election campaign. It exposes the gulf between a candidate being able to mouth soundbites from a cheat sheet just the right length for the evening news, and the real abilities, intelligence and competency of the candidate.