Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Telegraph "Staff Writers" Demand Destruction Of Greens - Federal Election Day 11

UPDATE: Print edition of Daily Telegraph says editor Chris Mitchell wrote today's anti-Greens rant. But the online story says it's by "staff writers". So which is it?

After months of telling us Labor lack credibility, that key frontbenchers are complete jokes, American-owned Daily Telegraph now says we must takem seriously, but only when they're bagging out the Greens.

Is Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker too busy these days to go the Greens himself? Is he outsourcing his hatred to "staff writers?"

The whole editorial is a complete giveaway.

 Vote Labor, get Liberals. Vote Liberals, get Labor. Whatevs. Whoever you vote for doesn't appear to really matter to Daly Telegraph "staff writers" as long as the Two Party System is maintained, and third party and independent candidates are marginalised, smeared, destroyed.

The Coalition and the Labor Party share similar aims for Australia. Both of our major parties know that economic growth is the key to our nation's ongoing prosperity and security. Where they differ is in how economic growth should be accomplished and in the ability to achieve this goal.

Yet the goal itself remains a bipartisan vision. Both parties believe in jobs, investment and financial aspiration.

The Greens, however, are another story. Their vision for Australia is more aligned with former communist bloc nations than anything with which mainstream Australia is familiar. The Greens are, to put it simply, a party of far-left clowns.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to senior Labor identities....

Now that opposition leader Tony Abbott has put Australia first by putting the Greens last in Coalition preferences, Labor is invited to do the same.

The Greens represent a view that is hostile to the nation's interests and to both major parties. A bipartisan solution is needed to fix a bipartisan problem.
 The Greens aren't so hostile to the 21st century or the environment, but hey, money is money money money money.

So Vote Kony Rubbott, the foreign-owned Daily Telegraph demands it.