Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tony Abbott's Sexy Time - Federal Election Day 10

The whole world is watching our federal election. News editors across the globe are following Australian journos and new sites on Twitter, and running with whatever goose like behaviour our candidates can come up with. So far, the Liberals are ahead. And Labor appeared to unveil a new strategy tonight, when opposition leader Tony Abbott or one of his candidates makes a meal of it, they keep quiet, don't get involved, and don't feed the machine with snarky quotes.

Let's see how long they can hold out without fresh carping.

"Young, fiesty...sex appeal," Tony Abbott's reasons for voters to consider the new candidate for the NSW seat of Lindsay:

Apparenlty, Sky News didn't think much of that from Tony Abbott:

Yet more fuel for The Daily Show's solid roundup of the Liberal Party Gaffe-olanche so far.

The Daily Show will be continuing their coverage, all the way through to Kevin Rudd being elected prime minister on September 7.

UPDATE: Tony Abbott is merely a Luke to John Howard the Yoda: