Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Mum? When I Grow Up I Want To Pole-Dance For Australia!"

By Darryl Mason

ABC 3, "the free-to-air channel for kids", had an....interesting story on possible future Olympic events during its February 23 afternoon bulletin.

Watch the news bulletin from 4.16.

Transcript excerpts :
"To sport, and there are some pretty weird events in the Olympics. Look at curling in Vancouver right now, a sport you actually play with a broom.

"But what about pole-dancing?"

" the old days pole-dancing was pretty much reserved for nightclubs. Pretty seedy nightclubs.

"Is (pole-dancing) any more weird than prancing around with a ribbon or a ball?"
I guess it depends if the winner is decided on points, or tips.

The ABC makes the working lives of conservative columnists too damn easy.

(spotted by @crazybrave)