Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Give God A Bad Name

This is a photo of a leaflet being letterboxed in Sydney, claiming to be from Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party :

(click to enlarge)

Excerpts :
* We should do what the Greenies want and let any foreigners in

* Australia needs no more Muslim schools and no more mosques

* The Federal Government should have the power to deport any Muslim

* We should back brave Israel even to the point of blockading Iran

* Immigration policy should give preference to persecuted Christians
I think I can hear God facepalming from here.

Nearly all the points listed in the leaflet are included in this online survey from the CDP.

I look forward to updating this story with a mainstream media news story link proving the leaflet is a fake, despite the claimed authorisation by the Christian Democratic Party's campaign organiser, Michael Darby.

Michael Darby, you may recall, is the father of Douglas Darby, whose psycho-hate anti-Muslim e-mails were featured in this story from the Sydney Morning Herald.

There's no way this leaflet can be real.


H/T : Journalist Julie Posetti broke this story on Twitter last night.