Saturday, November 28, 2009

God : "I Got Nothing To Do With These Racist Fucking Arseholes"

By Darryl Mason

When I wrote this piece the other day, about a leaflet being letterboxed in Sydney by Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party, I was hoping it would turn out to be fake. It had to be fake. This is Sydney, Australia, 2009. Surely nobody could be that fucking stupid?

Well, yes, they can be, and were. The nasty little leaflet is real. And many of the people who received the leaflet in their letterboxes - asking if the electorate was supportive of giving the federal government the power to deport "any Muslim" and stop the building of more mosques and Muslim schools, while introducing an immigration policy to "give preference to persecuted Christians" - are not happy about it. At all.

From the North Shore Times :

A survey of North Shore voters has been condemned as “racist hate politics” by residents, politicians and Christians.

West Pymble friends Bronwen Hanna, a Christian, and Surur Arain, a Muslim, said they were horrified to receive the survey in the mail on Tuesday.

“I felt disbelief that something like this could be written,” Ms Hanna said. “I actually thought, ‘this is a joke’.

“The views and the stereotyping was so extreme.”

Mrs Arain said: “It was really distressing to see those words in print. Implicit in those statements is stereotyping people that they are so bad they could be deported at any time.”

Greens candidate Susie Gemmel.....described it as “an ugly style of hate politics”.

“Fred Nile ... is distributing material that shows a racist, even fascist, ideology behind the Christian Democrats,” she said.

The Full Story Is Here

Incredibly, the Christian Democratic Party claims they don't support any of the ideas expressed in the leaflet, they are simply "asking questions."

If Jesus did return, and saw the shit that some people were doing in his name, he'd purgatory them all.