Saturday, November 21, 2009

Muslim activist Mal Mac Rae on Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party :

'....the vilification of the Islamic community in the party continues behind closed doors.''

And the vilification continues in abusive emails to Rae from a CDP campaign manager's son :

''stupid moslem c---''

''muslim scum are too busy stacking ALP branches and raping Aussie chicks''.

'(Muslims) 'who habitually engage in child molestation, incest, pack rape … obey the laws of this country or f--- off to Afghanistan where Australians are allowed to shoot you people''.

He sounds like an Andrew Bolt disciple.

Fred Nile and the notorious NSW Liberal MP David Clarke are teaming up for a conference. The theme?

''Australia's Future and Global Jihad''

That should be a laugh.

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