Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Chaser's
new book is now available. With a very timely cover indeed.

You can order an autographed copy here.

I do still have a story on The Chaser coming, focusing on producer/writer/performer Julian Morrow's quest to come up with a new TV show format that will go beyond anything they've done so far, but will not go down the predictable route of easy outrage. As he put it in a recent speech, how easy is it to offend conservatives? Too easy. He doesn't sound interested at all in heading back into that territory.

The story I've been writing is long, getting onto 8000 words, and I think I'll break it up into three parts.

Part One will focus on the shooting of one of their last big public gags (the "One More Picture" bit that aired in the final show).

Part Two will focus on the interview I did with Morrow, the recording of the final show, and what happened at the after party.

Part Three will focus on the speeches Morrow has given since The Chaser's War On Everything ended, and his feelings about what the the War On Everything achieved, where they failed, and what they might be getting up to next.

So thanks for being patient, and I'm sorry it's taken so long.

I hope to get Part One up late next week.

Feel free to post abuse in comments if I miss this hazy deadline.